Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NIKE Across The Belly....

Chicago Maine proved you lost already! Picture By Rob


  1. thats all bad ....all I can say is WHY!!!! thats so wack

  2. Wow...It's funny cause I would get the Nike check tattooed, or the Jordan one, but Definitely not this big and not across my stomach...but after seeing this bright individual do it, I'll pass lol.

  3. First of all the spot he chose hurts like a motherfucker that's number one!

    Number Two,

    if he wants to rep NIKE let him do it! At least it was done well!

    Number Three,

    Don't make me get a NIKE tattoo, cause if lift my shirt up NIKE will stand for RUN YOUR SHIT...
    You tight wearing hipsters that turn New York into one big Lupe Fiasco.

    When I rep NYC, its stands for NEVER YOUR CITY.... BLOCKWORK... RFC.VAC.FIR...AKA...DEATH TO !0snitches,aka 10DEEP.........