Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Just Been SCHOOLED! Pt 3

Midnight Star's "Planetary Vision" LP released in 1984, had a little diamond in the ruff called "Curious". Kids open up a new tab and prepare to take notes because your about to get SCHOOLED!

Even though this LP's greatest hit was "Operator", This track has been sampled over and over again bringing out a more refreshing, sexy, and sometimes even funny new tune. With my last two "SCHOOLED" posts, I would usually give out an exact time to click on to hear the sample but I do recommend enjoying this song in its entirety.

Who can forget 1992's ERIC B. & RAKIM ~ Don't Sweat The Technique? I was just 5 years old still jumping on grandma's plastic (you know all spanish people cover there couches with plastic) when this came out.

Listen to track number 1 "What's On your Mind?" and listen to Rakim show his romantic side. Really just one of my favorite songs.

Rapper and producer Kurious 1994 single "I'm Kurious" of his debut album The Constipated Monkey not only has the Midnight Star sample but 3 other samples as well. Enjoy as he opens up with The Blackbyrds "Mysterious Vibes" sample and see if you can catch the other 2 samples on this joint.

Shouts to @ShamelessMgmt & @RuddyRock we were jamming to Kurious "walk like a duck" and discussing great stories...

Fast forward to 2009, Wiz Khalifa's "Flight School" mixtape track "Ink My Whole Body" also used the "Mysterious Vibes" sample.

That's all for today's session kids and remember You Just Been SCHOOLED!

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  1. You left out two Alex...
    Warren G - This DJ


    LSG feat. LL Cool J,
    Busta Rhymes and MC Lyte -

    Keep Schooling Them..